Stylusboy – Something Worth Keeping Music Video

This is one of the projects I have been working with Stylusboy over a period of months on. We decided that as the song is about memories and keeping a hold of them that we would get friends and family to send in photos of their happiest memories, we turned these into polaroids and then discussed how we would use them. I decided that I wanted to experiment with a stop-motion photography style which wasn’t without its problems, by the end I had over three thousand photos to collate and match up. I also struggled with timing the changes to the music but after hours of trying I think I managed to achieve this.

Due to circumstances with me studying and Steve working we ended up filming over two seasons which I feel gives the video a good effect and has a nice transition of time passing. I’m glad that we managed to get the snowy scenes as I feel these are the best. Steve was great to work with and full of ideas so it was a very enjoyable experience, I’m happy that he asked me to do this for him and I just hope that he was pleased with the result. The only thing I would change is to use better equipment as I feel it is really grainy in some parts.










Photography Portfolio Summer 2012

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Skills Audit

Although cinematography and freelance work won’t be my priority for a while I’ll still be looking into screenwriting  in my spare time as I feel this is my main strength, I have a few ideas that I wish to develop and will be hoping to put these ides into fruition within the next year. For now I’m mostly going to concentrate on my PGCE and researching for teaching roles for when I leave.


Career Research

There are two avenues that I’m looking into after completing my degree, I want to look into training for a teaching  qualification as well as look into doing freelance photography or screen writing.


PGCE stands for post graduate certificate in education.

PGCE courses are subject specific although the course tends to focus on developing your understanding and ability to teach the subject than actually learning the subject itself.

For this reason you are expected to arrive on the course with all the required knowledge and you are usually expected to have a degree in a related field, although there are exceptions to this.

I’ve looked through various options for teaching qualifications and have settled on the idea that I want to teach 16+ students, specifically in colleges and then onto lecturing.

I have already arranged some work experience with my local college, (Sandwell College) and they are happy to let me have my placement there in October teaching photography. I was able to go for a taster session and shadow the tutors for the day, whilst doing this I was allowed to look over students work as it was the final submission day and help to mark some pieces, later I was asked to photograph the awards ceremony there and  meet a few more prospective students.

I have also worked at The Public voluntarily this summer teaching animation and film to students with learning difficulties and children under ten. These were both rewarding experiences as it helped to inform me of which type of students I want to teach and what a typical class is like. I have since applied to Wolverhampton University for a PGCE course that lasts one year and I am waiting for a confirmation of placement for this.

Freelance Photography

Like most people who start out in business you may well begin, if you feel you have sufficient skills and knowledge already, by taking on freelance assignments or covering news worthy events in the hope of selling it to newspapers or magazines, If you already have experience and knowledge then the chances are you will already have a good collection of your own images. Make sure that these are put to good use by creating a printed or online portfolio so that you can show off the level of quality of your work.

Like many jobs it is not just about having the required skills to do the job, confidence counts for a lot too. You could be the best photographer in the world but without the confidence to approach the relevant editors or image libraries then you will get nowhere. Once you have made your first few forays into submitting work things should get easier. Do not let rejection get you down, learn from your mistakes and move on to the next possibility.

Freelance photography is something I’m going to look into doing in my spare time whilst studying, I will be putting together a portfolio and go out to photograph events. I have already helped Sandwell College and the local press there when they held an awards ceremony as well as working on the Motionhouse project. I may also have the chance you exhibit some of my photography work in a gallery in Leamington and again this is something I’ll be working towards for next year.


Motionhouse – The Voyage

The Voyage was a major outdoor spectacle performance, which formed part of the official launch of the nationwide London 2012 Festivalcelebrating the Olympic and Paralympic Games.The Voyage was an epic tale telling the dramatic story of passengers on board the HMS Olympia, a life-size cruise liner built against the prestigious backdrop of Birmingham’s Town Hall.

The Motionhouse project was a very enjoyable on, I took on the role of Photographer over a three day period and eventually amassed over four hundred photos so finding the best ones did take some time. I was happy with the result of these unfortunately they didn’t make it to the website but I’ll still be including them in portfolio work when I have updated it.

This project gave me a good insight into what it would be like to pursue a career as a freelance photographer especially with live shows such as these, you have to be very quick and understand where the action is taking place which is why it was really important to watch the rehearsal. I felt I achieved a good selection of photos by the end and just wish I had a better lens with me or a flash as some of the images were grainy due to the low-light. Now that I’ve done a shoot of this kind I can be prepared for the future and hope to get more jobs like this whilst I continue studying.

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Posts For Assessment | FMP | PLEASE READ



FMP | Evaluation

‘Locked-In’ has been a difficult project for me, there have been a lot of issues which kept pushing the film back and stopping it from being what it could have been. It was definitely a hard task to produce a film by myself and I think I took on a lot more than I could handle, if I had shown more productivity last year and commitment to the course then I probably would have had more people to work with me and a stronger film by the end. Illness has been a major factor in the completion of the project, I have been seriously ill twice which has stopped me from fulfilling my role as a director and I am unhappy with the way that I have conducted myself throughout.

I think the film still has potential but is nowhere near what I wanted it to be, I think visually it’s average and this is most likely due to using a 600D instead of a high quality camera. The sound is not the best as we had to record on two tracks on the Zoom instead of four and also having to use a room that, although it was designed for sound recording, still had a lot of background noise which wasn’t picked up on til much later in the project. I had not done much work with grading before either but this wasn’t so much of an issue as I intended it to look quite natural. I believe the only thing that really keeps the film together is the story but this is what I want to pursue as a career later on and know that this is where my passion lies.

A lot of the things I had to deal with were obstacles I had never faced before, directing is not my strong suit but I wanted to show everyone that I was capable of doing this and doing this well unfortunately I haven’t and this has let the piece and my crew down on a whole. Although I only had a small crew everyone worked really well and tried their best for me which I am very appreciative of and hope that it wasn’t a terrible project for them to work on and I also hope that they gained some new skills and insight by working with me. I have tried hard to be organised and take on quite a lot of work so I could keep everything in check and in line with my vision, again, this was one of my downfalls as I took on too much work and this eventually lead me to getting ill and not being able to concentrate on the project. This also has put other people out and made them do more work which I am not happy with and if I were to do this again I would ask for more help and not take on so much. The areas I struggled in most were directing and editing. I am not good at telling people what to do when it comes to my own idea, I can do that for someone else as I am not as close to the project as them but when I am personally invested I find it difficult to remove myself from the situation and look at it critically.

I don’t think the project has been a complete failure and it does have some good points, a couple of the shots stand out and the actors were good to work with. ‘Locked-In’ does work as a film, it makes sense but I wish it was much better and I can only really blame myself for that. I would chance a lot of things about the production of this piece as in being more organised myself, organise other people more, step back from the project when needed and gain the ability to know when something isn’t working and to move on. I don’t want to continue as a director for future projects unless I have a strong team and someone else’s script as I feel I would work better that way, I believe I created a decent script that was interesting and different with some good elements but slipped up at the last hurdle and as a result it’s not quite as good as it should be. Overall I’ve learnt a lot from this project due to making so many mistakes and hopefully I won’t make them again in the future.